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04/11/2021 01:08:58
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Works Progress Reporting and Monitoring System
Online Monitoring and Evaluation of the Progress of the Plantation works


Click on View Online  to view Plantation work online. Click on Add Details  to view the details of the plantation  works. Click on View Details  to view photos of the progress reported by the concerned State/Division.
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S.No.Last Inspection DateStateDivisionRangeWork SiteSite NatureSite Area (in Ha.)Work NamePlantation Area (in Ha.)Total PlantsView Site OnlineView Works OnlineView 
1 10/04/2021ChhattisgarhSargujaUdaipurP- 2023CA Work site60.000 High Technique Unirrigated Compensatory Plantation P- 2023 60.00066000
2 10/04/2021ChhattisgarhKoriaChirmiri524,P.W.C. Chirmiri,Coupe No.-ICA Work site40.000 Ca Plantation Comp. No. 524, Range Chirmiri 40.00044000
3 10/04/2021ChhattisgarhMahasamudPithoraMixed PlantationOther Work site35.490 C/Ix Bhatkunda 268 35.49039046
4 10/04/2021ChhattisgarhMahasamudPithoraMixed Plantation - C/IX Barekel, Comp. No. - 248Other Work site114.720 Mixed Plantation Comp. No. - 248 114.720126200
5 10/04/2021ChhattisgarhMahasamudPithoraMixed Plantation - C/III Mohanda Comp. No. - 207Other Work site28.550 Mixed Plantation Comp. No. - 207 28.55031403
6 10/04/2021ChhattisgarhGariyabandParsuliSal Sinchit RopanOther Work site10.000 Sal Sinchit Vrikchhropan Com. No. 371 Area 10.00 Hac. Beet Sohagput R.A. Circle Parsuli Range Parsul 10.00011000
7 09/04/2021ChhattisgarhKoriaKhadgaonP.L.W.C. kodangi, P-643, Coupe no. IXCA Work site15.000 P.L.W.C. Kodangi, P-643, Coupe No. Ix 15.00016500
8 09/04/2021ChhattisgarhSargujaUdaipurP- 2037CA Work site25.000 High Technique Unirrigated Compensatory Plantation P- 2037 25.00027500
9 09/04/2021ChhattisgarhSargujaUdaipurP- 2015CA Work site20.000 High Technique Unirrigated Compensatory Plantation P- 2015 20.00022000
10 09/04/2021ChhattisgarhSargujaUdaipurP- 2063 Part- IICA Work site50.000 High Technique Unirrigated Compensatory Plantationp- 2063 Part- Ii 50.00055000